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what are the advantages of sd-wan over traditional wan?


20 Dec

Many businesses implement the traditional WAN model for their business needs. However, the growing demands of working have placed an enormous strain on this design. The traditional architecture was not made to handle today’s increasing migrations to cloud solutions. This has led to a very poor user application experience. Coupled with the challenges of expensive and limited bandwidth, WAN brings along the problems of infrastructure complexity, data vulnerability and unpredictability of application performance. Wireless access point controller software by Ternate.

These challenges have paved the way for a new approach to network connectivity – the Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN). This virtual WAN uses a centralized control function to securely direct traffic across the network. Unlike the traditional WAN design that typically worked for only your branch office and data centers, SD-WAN empowers you to connect enterprise networks over wide geographical distances.

The key advantages of SD-WAN are

  • SD-WAN significantly improves user application experience with efficiency for Saas and public cloud operations.
  • With the ability to centralize the configuration of SD-WAN, application performance and security policies, you can greatly reduce the expenses of WAN operations.
  • The centralized controller also allows for the management of multiple WAN connections simultaneously.
  • Automation and cloud-based management simplifies your daily operations by a great deal.
  • As it is able to make real-time changes with much greater ease than traditional WAN, SD-WAN is a blessing for network management agility.
  • As opposed to WAN, for applications that demand more bandwidth, SD-WAN can simply reallocate and adjust the loads dynamically through a set of rules.

The Cisco SD-WAN powered by Meraki is the best solution for businesses that desire more bandwidth at lesser costs. All you need to do is to plug it in and configure it in a web-based Meraki dashboard. You can even set the threshold for acceptable performance for web applications. The SD-WAN device provides seamless security and visibility by allowing you to track the performance of critical web applications. Thus, the Meraki MX device provides you a way to simplify your enterprise network so that you can focus on increasing the productivity of your business.