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Unified Threat Management with Cisco Meraki MX

Unified Threat Management with Cisco Meraki MX

26 Dec

Every business faces constant threats to their digital presence from every direction in the digital world. If you think attacking a network is difficult, the task of securing one is even more complex. The IT teams of these businesses have to be constantly on guard against a variety of attacks including phishing attempts, viruses, trojans, spyware and many more. Trusted network switching partner Ternate can help you achieve desired level of privacy and protection.

Now, imagine if you need a separate device for every security feature like spam filtering, antivirus and web content filters. You will end up multiple devices on your hands that are not only difficult to manage, but also add to the cost of network management.

Unified Threat Management (UTM) counters these difficulties by providing multiple security features from a single device. A popular solution among mid-size businesses, branch offices and home offices, UTM reduces the cost and complexity involved in network security. It combines the capabilities of firewalls, gateway antivirus and intrusion detection systems.

A UTM solution can –

  • Scan the incoming data for malicious attachments, viruses or malware.
  • Inspect the packet headers to prevent attacks before they can reach the network.
  • Use web content filtering to prevent access to suspicious or unwanted websites.
  • Demand minimal manual intervention by automatically updating for the latest security updates and antivirus definitions.
  • Let administrators easily manage multiple security features from a single console.

The Cisco Solution

If you want to implement UTM for your organization across distributed sites, you have to look no further than Cisco Meraki MX Security Appliances. The cloud managed service makes installation and remote management absurdly simple. The inclusive suite of network services provides an all-round protection from a single device. The UTM capabilities of Meraki MX include –

  • • Application aware traffic control
  • • Content filtering with a CIPA-compliant content filter
  • • Advanced malware protection powered by Cisco AMP
  • • Intrusion prevention with PCI-compliant IPS sensor
  • • IPsec VPN connectivity
  • • Identity-based security policies and application management

Along with the advanced security features that can be easily managed from a web-based dashboard, the MX device also provides SD-WAN capabilities for increased network performance at lower costs.