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The Rise of Cognitive Collaboration

The Rise of Cognitive Collaboration

24 Dec

As we move forward in the digital age, we are witnessing a continuous change in the face of the modern workforce. An office is no longer confined within the brick and mortal walls of a building. It has spread across multiple locations and even time zones.

In this scenario, collaboration with colleagues and clients often takes the form of online and video meetings. However, the problems of poor audio quality, difficulties in establishing a connection and mismatching of devices have left majority of the workforce less than happy with this technology.

The desire to remove these roadblocks and create a space for employees to connect efficiently, led Cisco to introduce the concept of cognitive collaboration. This technology leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for the Webex portfolio, the company’s suite of efficient collaboration tools.Webex collaboration solution provider Ternate - is a young Company based in Delhi with evolving culture and growing mindset.

Cognitive collaboration not only provides a better communication experience for your employees, but also improves customer experience and service for your business. According to studies, 53% of organizations believe that smart meeting rooms will help improve their business processes, and 95% of workers believe that artificial intelligence can help improve their tasks.

The integration of AI, enterprise content and data insights provide a contextual relevance to your meetings and team collaborations. This enables you to get better insights to improve human communication and arrange more meaningful interactions between employees and customers.

Some of the best features of Cisco cognitive collaboration for the Webex platform are –

Proactive Join

The users of Webex Assistant can bid goodbye to the inconvenience of setting up and dialing in whenever they enter a meeting room. The Proactive Join will ask whether you wish to join a meeting when you walk in. The feature determines your location from your mobile device with the help of Cisco’s intelligent proximity technology, and draws data from your calendar.

First Match

This person helps you to connect with the right person when you give a voice command, with the help of conversational AI. When you say a name, First Match will scan the Webex Teams and the directory of your company and make the best guess about the person you need to contact.

People Insights

This feature provides you valuable data about every participant in your meeting with a combination of their internal and web data. Armed with this information, you can pave the way for more informed conversations between both colleagues and customers.