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Manage Your Enterprise Network with Cisco DNA Center for Maximum Performance

Manage Your Enterprise Network with Cisco DNA Center for Maximum Performance

22 Dec

In the age of information, networks are more important to business than ever. However, the traditional network models fall short to keep up with the ever-increasing complexity, scale, data, applications and users. These demands call for a network management solution that can automate the processes of deployment and connectivity, without compromising the quality and security of the network.

How Can Cisco Help?

The leading pioneer in the field of networking has introduced the Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA), an intent-based networking architecture to provide advanced Enterprise network solutions.

The Cisco DNA Center is a complete network management and control system that helps you ease the tasks of network provisioning and troubleshooting. It provides integrated tools for automation, virtualization, security, analytics & assurance, and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. With easy, intuitive workflows, Cisco DNA Center makes it possible to deploy networks within minutes, instead of days. The platform helps you reduce the time required to manage network operations, leading to lower network management costs. With a single dashboard to manage every core network function, you can respond to the network changes with much greater efficiency and ease.

The key features of Cisco DNA Center are –

Software Image Management (SWIM)

This feature takes care of software upgrades and the consistency of image versions and configurations across your network. This helps you to simplify and speed up the process of deploying new software images and patches. Any unwanted effects due to the upgrade and prevented by the feature’s pre and post checks.

Encrypted Traffic Analysis (ETA)

This feature protects your network by detecting threats like malware by analyzing the encrypted data traffic.

Network Time Travel

This is an assurance feature which allows an operator to see the timeline view of device or client performance, in order to assess the state of the network at the time of a particular issue.

Network Health and Client Health Dashboard –

This feature offers you an overview of the health of every wired and wireless network device and client in your network. Along with many other useful features, Cisco DNA Center will let you run your enterprise network with maximum performance and security, for increased business productivity.